Manipulation Secrets – Bruno Medicina – Seminar Gratuit @26 noiembrie


manipulation-secrets-bruno-medicinaSpeaker : Bruno Medicina
Organizatori : Bucureștiul Tinerilor și SSUB [Societatea Studentilor Universitatii Bucuresti]

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„There are three main sources of power: money, sex and brute force. But a Master Manipulator can persuade the rich man to give him the money, convince the beauty queen to give him sex, induce the vicious guy to redirect the violence.” Bruno Medicina

Manipulation and mind control have a bad reputation, but actually everything we do (or we don’t do) affects in some way the perception that others have of us and the world, and therefore their behavior.
Of course, the other people manipulate us constantly in the same way, though probably we don’t realize it. (In fact, the victim of mind control is never aware of it)
So, the point is not if is it correct and ethic to manipulate others, but if we can do it effectively and to our advantage.

Today everyone knows the Cialdini’s laws of persuasion, the Zimbardo’s social experiments, the Packard’s work about hidden persuaders, but this is only the beginning: there is much, much more to know.

Actually, the techniques of persuasion and manipulation have reached an incredible level of sophistication to capture and lead the imagination and bypass conscious resistance; they include Conversational Hypnosys, Deceptive Language, Subliminal and Embedded Commands, Neurolinguistic techniques, just to name a few.

In this workshop we’ll explore some of the most diabolical and controversial systems used by the manipulators to control our behavior, some methods to defend ourselves and – why not – how to use the same power against them.

I’m inviting you to a fascinating and life changing journey into the mysteries of the human psyche.

See you soon.

Bruno Medicina

Bruno Medicina, 57yo, is a Performance Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Author and Speaker, with over 30 years of experience in the field of personal development and performance improvement.
With a solid background in formal psychology, music and sports, and a range of knowledge in less formal fields (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Coaching, Peak Performance Training, Total Quality Management, Martial Arts, Firewalking, Boardbreaking, etc.) he shares with enthusiasm his human and professional experience.
So he keeps an intense activity as a trainer, coach, speaker and consultant.
As a trainer, in addition to the standard repertoire of training, Bruno has developed a series of original seminars that include high impact experiences as Firewalking (Fire Up Your Power seminar) or Boardbreaking (FLY – Find the Leader in You); he also offers a completely original seminar reserved for professional salesmen (Bruno is firstly a professional salesman) where he explores the practical application of the latest discoveries in the fields of Evolutionary psychology, Games theory, Neuromarketing and Neuromemetica.

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locație : Aula Magna, Facultatea de drept
număr de locuri : 750
cost de participare : 0 lei
# evenimentul este în limba engleză.

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